HSBC detecting deforestation

Interactive Map Design

Understanding the what and uncover the why

In line with the business objectives of implementing a deforestation policy and a sustainability strategy, we undertook primary research and engaged in stakeholder meetings. Through this process, we identified key pain points, gaining valuable insights that enable this platform to enhance its service to HSBC clients.

With regular sessions with stakeholders, business leaders, data teams and developers, we ensured diverse ideas and mutual ownership of outputs.

Experience Design and Prototyping

This platform equips HSBC relationship managers and internal stakeholders with the necessary tools to make informed decisions while engaging with both existing and prospective clients. It encourages a forward-thinking approach, particularly in relation to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations. Deep image recognition model (FCNN) that detects deforestation given a yearly composite of satellite images over a client’s region. Images can be obtained from Landsat satellite and are publicly available on Earth Engine.​